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LEAGUE RULES as of 1/2/2016

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:51 am
by TomGWI


The Fox Cities Pinball League is based in Northeast Wisconsin, including the cities of Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, Appleton, Green Bay, Fond du Lac, Plymouth, Marathon, and all other surrounding areas.
The league is open to all players from all areas, but the league maximum player count is 24.
The league was formed and will be run by Co-pinball dictators Tom Graf and Eric Strangeway.
Any items not covered in this document will be decided upon by the pinball dictators.
Any questions about the league should be brought to the attention of Tom or Eric.
At any time, the league co-dicators can make changes to these rules as they see fit and for the betterment of the league as a whole.


Every member will pay $10 to the host for dinner/drinks/snacks. Fees will be collected by Eric or Tom at the beginning of each night and given to the host. It is the hosts responsibility to provide dinner and beverages for the night they host.


The league will have league nights on Saturday and will be hosted by local collectors in the Northeast WI area.
To be able to host a league night, a minimum of eight working pinball machines are needed.
Pinball machines should be in good working condition and rules set to the factory default settings.
Extraballs will need to be turned off on DMD (DotMatrix Display Games) or LCD games.
Contact Tom G or Eric S if interested in hosting a pinball league night. The dicators & hosts will determine the date and time for the events they are hosting. The host will pick games to be played in their collection. If a game has a serious malfunction, Tom G and Eric S along with the host will decide how to handle the situation(s) as they arise. The host will also provide dinner and drinks for the night.
PLEASE NOTE: Any abusive behavior on a host’s games will not be tolerated and will result in that individual being kicked out of the league. Only League members are aloud at league night unless otherwise agreed upon by Tom & Eric.


The league will consist of a season every 2 months (Jan-Feb, Mar-April, May-June, July-Aug, Sept-Oct, Nov-Dec).

No player is allowed to pre-play any games if they are going to be absent that night(games can only be played on league night). Meaning/Example: A player can not go to a host's house and play games and write down scores for them to count towards league.


Each league night we will play 7 rounds each on a different machine in groups of 4 or 3.
Groups will be based on attendance.
Points will be given as follows for each game: 7 pts. for 1st, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and 1 for 4th (or 7,4,1 for a 3 person group).
A total of 49 points would be the maximum a player could achieve in a single night.
First round matches and games will be randomly drawn with the lowest ranked player choosing the order of play.
In the first month, we will draw chip numbers to determine order of play since rank will not be established.
Subsequent round matches will be determined by points earned in the previous round and league rank. Example: those who earned a 7 will play each other in next round, 5,4,3,1. Higher ranked players will be chosen first down to lowest ranked to fill matches.
Games again will be selected at random and the lowest ranked player decides order of play in their match.
Total up the points per league night for the season and that is your rank.
League points will be added together for each of the 2 months.
Total points possible for a season 49 + 49 = 98
Games must be played in a group fashion with all players playing at the same time (no single player games unless game can only handle single players aka EM games).
In between rounds, players should NOT practice on the same game they will be playing in the next round if they know they are playing that game.
Anyone showing up late after a match has started will receive a last place score 0 for that match once their turn has been passed but may play in the next round.


Extraballs will need to be turned off on DMD (DotMatrix Display Games) or LCD games.
If awarded an extraball on accident, the procedure will be to plunge the ball and any points scores WILL count for that player but the player is not allowed to flip once the ball is plunged. Nudging is allowed.
Extraballs maybe played on earlier games (Games before 1990) but it is preferred these settings be turned off
Pinball machines should be in good working condition and rules set to the factory default settings.
Games rules set to the factory default settings and set to tournament play settings.


Season 1: January 16th + February 6th
Season 2: March 5th + April 16th
Season 3: May 9th + June 4th
Season 4: July 16th + August 6th
Season 5: September 10th + October 1st
Season 6: November 5th + December 3rd

If there is a tie for first place at the end of a season, a one game playoff will be had and the game will be chosen randomly.


Tom and Eric reserve right to remove any member from the league for actions such as abusing games, unsportsmanlike conduct, habitual absenteeism, etc.


Side tournaments will be at host's discretion but will be restricted to $2 per person and only one game (No multiple game side tournaments).
These tournaments are NON IFPA events and are for fun. They maybe non pinball games and determined by the host (bubble hockey, shuffle alley, novelty game, etc).
Players get one attempt on the side tournament game. Unless it is a head to head bracket.
Practice is not allowed on side tournament games.
Once you play your first game, that is your score unless it is a head to head bracket.
Winner of the side tournament (Highest Score) wins the pot.
It is not mandatory to play in the mini tournaments.
Side tournaments are Non-IFPA events.

Tom and Eric